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Intern while studying abroad

An internship is one of the most important parts of a student/budding professional. It allows you to get real-life experience in the field that you are studying. It’s already common for the new generation to intern while studying abroad. The experience you get from the internship can make a world of a difference when you start your job hunt. Because of this reason, interning while studying abroad allows you to gain valuable work experience. Here are 5 reasons why you should intern while studying abroad.

Chances of gaining skills that your employer is searching for:

Internships are generally very specific on the experience they provide. Every internship is tailored toward a career goal and is highly personal. Some of the examples of these highly specific internships may be journalism, teaching, film studies, medical studies, and business administration. If you intern while studying abroad, it will allow you to get professional experience and knowledge. This will set you apart from other applicants in the eyes of the recruiter.

The international internship may give you an advantageous addition in your CV. International experience will count during a job interview. Employers may find it very impressive that you are skilled enough to land an internship in a foreign country. The fact that you worked with international colleagues and in foreign business culture will show how adaptive you are. It will be a very useful addition to your CV.

Make international connections during your internship: 

Connections are always important when you want to advance and grow in your career. Having employment in the country that you are studying in will allow you to get understand their culture and experience them at a level that you didn’t before. This also means that you will meet various people in your path during internships.

If you intern while studying abroad, it will create a kind of comfort zone where you are working with others. You might share common interest and/or field of work as well as building connections with them will ultimately become invaluable.

build international connection while interning abroad
Make International Connection

These connections may open opportunities in the future that will profit both of you greatly. If you are planning to move abroad permanently, they can help you greatly to get fit in and meet more people who can help you do the same. Humans are social creatures and the path to success always lies in socializing with others. Try to build connections in the field that you are going to. You may not know who will come in the time of need i.e. finding a job.

Possibility of learning a new language:

They say the best way to learn a new language is to talk to native people. Because of this, an internship may provide a possibility or an opportunity to master a foreign language. Because you are so immersed, the experience that you will earn could even beat the one you could have gotten by joining classes for that language.

However, classes can also help you build connections, make friends outside of work settings, and also get the edge to intern while studying your course abroad. You can even use language app like Duolingo to get started at home.

Learning new language during internship
Learn New Language

And to amplify it, you will have colleagues who could help you practice the language. Learning a new language can also add to your CV as it will make your resume stand out. 

An internship abroad could point you in the right direction:

Internships, in the simplest sense, are the demo of the career path that you are gonna choose. This also means that you can do an internship to find out if that’s the best career path for you or not. Changing majors is a very common occurrence and do not be hesitant about doing so as it will dictate your future. Not only will it prevent you from wasting a considerable amount of time by not taking a career path that you will not enjoy, but it will also help you find your comfort zone and a career path that ignites your interest and you may find interesting.

Man working on a device at work Internship Can Point You to Correct Career Path
Internship Can Point You to Correct Career Path

Doing an internship while studying abroad gives you the chance to invest in your chosen careers. Additionally, undertaking internships while studying abroad delivers the most value for your money. This is because, most of the internship pay their interns or in some cases provide stipend. It is also a great way to make an extra buck while you are studying, and

You might get to see the world:

This is a little bit miscellaneous but an important point nevertheless. Most of the internships have you go to different places as per their demand. And not only that, the fares to travel to different cities and countries are relatively cheap enough that you could go there for your weekend. Going to new cities provides you with new opportunities and new people that you can meet up with. 

Additionally, most of the more popular study destinations also happen to be popular tourist destinations. So you will get to fantastic places while you are brightening your future. And, if you intern while studying abroad it can also improve your mentality and give you a breath of fresh air. This may further motivate you in your career paths thus directly affecting how your career turns out to be.

intern traveling while working, student traveling
Travel While You Intern

So why should you do an internship studying abroad?

  1. Chances of gaining skills that your employer is searching for
  2. Make international connections
  3. Possibility of learning a new language
  4. An internship abroad could point you in the right direction
  5. You might get to see the world

The above points and their elaboration only scratch the surface of opportunities that an internship can provide you in your life. If you intern while studying abroad, you will have to experience it for yourself. Internship can provide invaluable connections that will help you grow your career, give you experience which will set you out of the competitions, and help you find the career path.

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