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Studying abroad during this uncertain time of the Covid-19 pandemic has been tough. By imposing travel restrictions and safety protocols everywhere it difficult for students seeking an international degree to pursue their desired future. Before, the West thrived as the study abroad destination for international students, but today opportunities are opening up for international students in Asian countries.

Study Abroad During COVID-19

Based on a recent study, Global Research Manager for International Education Services at the British Council John McNamara has stated that post-Covid-19 crisis, Asian countries especially China, Thailand and Malaysia can give tough competition to the major UK universities. Director at University of Oxford’s Center for Global Higher Education Simon Marginson had also predicted that East Asia will soon emerge as a ‘regional hub for international student mobility’.

Asian countries are fighting Covid-19 better and are one of the economically growing countries. Here are a few pointers on why you should consider Asia as your abroad study destination during the pandemic:

1. Better Covid-19 response

Today, western countries are struggling heavily with Covid-19 recovery. On the other side of the world though, Asian countries are reporting fewer cases of Covid-19 with a better Covid-19 recovery rate. In this unprecedented time, the nature of Covid-19 response of a country has become a crucial factor for one to choose to travel abroad. And it is more important for international students to evaluate this factor for their health safety.

Among the Asian countries, Thailand and Malaysia have the most impressive Covid-19 recovery rate. In fact, Thailand ranks no 2 in its Covid responsiveness with only 3000+ positive cases so far. Hence, they are more likely to invite more international students.

Better COVID-19 response rates and health safety

2. Higher possibility of getting a visa

Western universities invite a high number of students every year. But, the number of visas being issued to the students is less. In such cases, the odds of students getting their application and visa accepted is lower.

Asian countries on the contrary are still full of possibilities and are inviting more international students every year. This gives you a higher chance of getting your visa approved for your further studies. As a result, it saves you time, effort and you deal with lesser risks.

Getting Visa For Study Abroad Destination

3. Closer to home

Universities across the world are opening up, and students are free to apply anywhere. However, for Nepali students choosing Asian countries for their further studies is a better option as it keeps them close to home. 

One will spend less on travel and accommodation. Also, in case of an emergency, the situation ensures fewer hours of travel.

4. Dual degree and American degree programs 

More and more Asian universities are getting recognized by the international educational landscape for their excellence as well as pragmatic teaching-learning approaches. The universities are also collaborating more with international universities and making dual degree learning possible from their universities. 

Among many Asian universities, Stamford International University, SEGI University, and Sunway International University in Malaysia are a few of the renowned universities that allow students to earn dual degrees from the same program from the UK, the USA, Australia, and more. Webster University’s Thailand Campus, having its main campus in St. Louis Missouri, USA and 9 international campuses worldwide, is the only University in Thailand that provides an American degree. This means students earn degrees that are more in value with more international recognition.

Get Your Dual Degree and international recognition

5. Easy transition

Students who have enrolled in Asian universities have already started their online. Online classes are grooming and acclimatizing students to the new study environment. This means when the student reaches the college premises, their transition process becomes easier and smoother.

Asian universities currently also have Study Abroad programs and Exchange Student Programs to diversify students’ learning process. So, once the travel restrictions internationally are up, students will get the opportunity to study in the USA, the UK, and European countries too.

This all means that any student considering studying abroad can now choose the Asian countries without worries. Given the rising opportunities they are providing to international students, they are a safe bet for the aspiring students for sure.

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