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You are taking probably one of the biggest decisions of your life; studying abroad. To fulfill this dream and see that your dream bears you the result you hope for you need to ace your application. Applying to universities abroad needs to be meticulously planned if one aims to get into the university of their choice and even get the scholarship. So, don’t take this process lightly. If you are already in your application process and are confused or you are just now starting to look for the steps, this article will tell you pointers on how to apply to universities abroad:

You need to begin with:

Choosing the program right for you

When you plan to apply to universities abroad, it begins with you deciding where or what to study. Students instinctively choose universities first that are widely known or have higher ratings or the hype. But, it is not wise. Because deciding first on the university will most likely restrict your options, Universities with big names don’t guarantee the quality and guidance you want. So, don’t follow the hype or the ratings Look first for the programs and then choose the university. Contact the universities if you need to. Don’t shy away, and clear all your doubts. The wrong university can cost you your education.

Choosing the right program for your further studies

Keeping your options open

According to your goals list out at least 3 options. And they should be in different locations or even countries, from your primary choice, and offer you something different. They will be your safety net when you don’t get into your primary choice of university, which unfortunately happens sometimes. Being ambitious and clear about your requirement is good. But don’t let it cloud your judgment, be realistic in your options. The best thing is to be prepared or lack thereof will surely result in a loss of time, effort, and academic year.

Checking how to apply

When you are planning to apply to universities abroad, checking on the universities abroad should be your first priority, Many universities give you the option to apply on your own. Whereas others work solely through agents to enroll students from different countries or regions. So, if you want to apply, see first if your university allows this or not. Also, different universities have different provisions regarding how you can submit your documents. See if you can do it online or do you need to post the documents. This step can be confusing and require good communication with the university. So, to avoid any kind of confusion or mistakes, make sure to get the help of consultants or counselors.

Checking application deadline and requirements

This is important. Note down the deadlines and requirements in different universities on your list. Once done, plan your application process accordingly. First, see if you have time or not to start your application process. Next, see if you meet the criteria or not. Take note of what else you need to do being an international student and if there is any special requirement you need to fulfill based on the country you hail from, like an additional credit letter or equivalent letter.

When you are planning to apply to universities abroad, checking on the universities deadline should be your first priority,

Finish all processes on time to spare yourself the trouble of losing enrollment because of petty mistakes. Keep the wiggle room for any additional process you might make or in the worst-case scenario where your application is rejected, you will at least have the time to consider other options.

Preparing for English proficiency test

All universities ask for such standard tests so don’t miss out on them. Post-Covid19, universities have shown some leniency when it comes to language proficiency tests. They have considered letting international students take in-house proficiency tests. But now, if the tests are being conducted in your country then chances are they will ask you for a test certificate. So, confirm the time frame of the test and how early universities expect them. Also, take note of the cutoff score and that you meet them.

Planning out the cost

Students make the mistake to consider only the cost that they have to bear once they start their programs abroad. But don’t forget there are other expenses to make in processing duration this includes payment at the offices in your host country to get the necessary documents like translations of documentations, their attesting and the postal fees. Also, the fees you pay for the language proficiency test come under this. So don’t forget about them and plan accordingly.

Planning out your college fund is one of the important aspects of applying abroad.

Checking for visa requirements

Many countries have an on-arrival visa policy while others require pre-approved visa papers. There might be different requirements you have to get a student visa. Cross-check with your host country and own country to make sure you have all the right papers for the process as well as the visa processing duration. It is always advised to get a visa prior to flying to your university.

Each step in the article is as important when it comes to applying for universities abroad. If you are a fresh graduate you can get a head start if you already know these steps. And if you follow them then you will be able to stand above others as well.

Pro tip: Research and plan out carefully.

But at any point of the process, you feel under-confident or you find yourself in confusion, it is a wise idea to reach to consultancies and counselors, who have been doing so for years, for various students, flying to various countries.

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