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You are sure to continue your studies abroad? That’s great!! But before you decide on which university to choose, let’s slow down and think about your requirements first. After all, it’s a big and crucial decision in your life. But this is also the step where many of the students get confused. Here in the article, we will guide you on what are the pointers you should remember, what to do and what not to do, in order to make an informed and right decision for your bright future:

How to choose university

Let’s start:

Identify your requirements

Think long-term and choose universities that help you achieve that goal. It is not always about the course or the faculty and the popularity index. Don’t choose universities following the hype. Choose what I best for you according to your requirement and vision for your future. For eg if you aim to be an entrepreneur look for universities that have incubation booths or better student-mentorship programs. Also, look at the past students and their journey.

Research carefully

Don’t limit your research to university websites. Try their social media sites, forums, communities, discussions. Universities want to show their best sides, of course, so you are less likely to get the right information you want to know solely from the information universities provide you. So, widen your search horizon and thoroughly research what you want.

Choose your subjects

Depending on the level of education you are applying for, your subject combination might be different. In foreign universities, they allow students to take various major and minor subjects. So, depending on your need, and vision of your career. So, go through the subjects available and the combination you can choose, or even better create. Also, deciding first on the university will most likely restrict your options, so choose your university that has subjects you want to study.

Check University’s accreditation

A lot of students have the tendency to judge universities based on the rankings they boast. But you know always keep in mind that ranking is not everything. It is a start but not the ultimate parameter to judge the right university for you, A lot of universities, although they do not rank at the top, can provide you the right education for you. Look beyond the rankings, and consider their accreditation or their accredited programs to see if they match the criteria.

Check the entry requirements

It is important that you choose the universities that meet your criteria. But, your work is not done yet. You also need to check if you meet their criteria, to get into the program you desire. So go through the criteria list and see if you check off the list, even before you start preparing for the process. Save yourself the trouble of repeating things and getting rejected. Make sure the university you choose have the requirements you look for.

Don’t miss the deadline

Universities are strict regarding their deadlines so, you should also respect that and submit your application on time. This not only saves you the trouble of rushing through the process and messing things up. But also helps you make a good impression on the universities making your chances better to get their acceptance letter. And it is also a better idea because it gives you time to make any changes or send any additional documents the university might need on time.

University Location

Carefully check where your university is located. Cross-check the address mentioned by the university on maps. Once you find out the location, make sure to get a confirmation on the direction to your campus from the airport or your accommodation. Also, check up on other nearby amenities you are likely to use. Facilities available nearby will give you a good idea about the neighborhood and how your stay would be.

Choose the right education consultancy/counselor

If you are not sure about the information you are collecting or even where to start from, the best bet here is to consult an education consultancy and counselor. Since they deal with students and universities to connect them on a regular basis, they will get you the necessary guidance on what to do. Talk to a few consultancies or counselors and choose the one that understands what you are looking for.

Choosing one among the many universities worldwide can be tiresome. But, it is not that difficult either. Just follow the pointers we have discussed and you will soon fly to a university that is right for you and your career.

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