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Statement of Purpose or SOP are essays that all students are required to write if they wish to pursue their further studies abroad. SOP essays are essential because they define your purpose. They set a tone and portrays you as an individual in front of the admission committee. SOP essay will be a subjective aspect with the help of which the committee decides whether or not you get a visa to pursue the course.

SOPs should not be taken lightly. A well-written SOP essay shows your command over the language, your focus and defines your purpose. It helps you stand out from the crowd and shapes your personality based on your past choices and your plans for the future. A general SOP essay is of about 1000 words, it may vary according to universities. But a good SOP must include:

1. Basic introduction

In the first section, your basic introduction should be included along with your family member’s. But the section should focus more on the course you are choosing, why and where, as well as your background with what you intend to do in the future. This will give a brief idea of what you will be talking about in the whole essay.

2. Academic Background and Achievements

In this section, you are to explain in detail about the courses you have pursued so far, with reasons why you chose them. Focus more on your (personal, academic and professional) achievements that ring bells of your strengths and success. Mention all professional experience you have (if any) and explain how it will help you in your course and in career afterwards. Also, write about your participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

3. Reasons for choosing the country for further study

Clear your intentions of choosing the country for your further studies. Have points that support your choice and back them up with facts, figures and your plans on how to hone the country’s facilities to the fullest for your (academic, personal and professional) growth.

{Note: you can add a separate section “Reasons for not studying further in Nepal” and back your decision to study abroad. But do not demean or write negative}

4. Reasons for choosing the city

Include details explaining your reasons for choosing the city you are applying to. You can use facts and figures of the particular city and connect them to your reasons. This will further solidify your SOP essay.

5. Reasons for choosing the University

Explain your reasons for choosing the University. Give proper explanations of why you want to enroll in the University and how it resonates with you and your purpose. Use facts and achievements of the university with the course they offer. The section is important because this will show how well you research and how you will use it in future.

6. Reasons for choosing the Course

Details of the program or the course you have chosen explaining why you chose the subject(s) or program among others. Make clear the relevancy of the subject to your previous level of study or your career.

7. Motivation to come back home (Nepal)/ Future plans

This works as an assurance that you will be returning to Nepal once you are done with the course or program. You have to clearly explain your plans for the future; what will you be doing once you get back; how you will be using the things you learned, etc. Next, mention all your short, medium as well as long term goals you have set for yourself. And also what contribution you can and want to make towards society.

8. Financial Support

The section requires details about your family composition, family members’ employment and income details, assets and liabilities, dependents (if any). And you have to mention clearly where you will be living while you are in the city and how you will manage your expenses as well. You need to have a clear idea about your finances and how to manage.

9. Student Visa and its conditions

Explain your understanding of the visa you are applying to, along with its conditions and requirements. This section is important because it will show you understand the process and will abide by the rules to maintain your visa, during your stay.

10. Conclusion

This concludes your whole essay, so revise all the key points and stress your reasons. Mention the challenges you faced and how you overcame them to how it shaped you to who you are.

Other conditions where SOP is required:

i. Scholarships:

SOP essays are also written for scholarships. In some cases, you might be asked to write a different SOP altogether. Both applications are similar in terms of their basic natures. However, in SOP essay for scholarships you need to focus more on things that make you unique, like your quality, your nature, your personality, your strengths. You need to focus on how you will be helping the community, what contributions you will make and how.

ii. To extend your student visa

If you are already a student at a foreign institution, you are required to submit a SOP essay for your student visa extension. Circumstances may include (a) Failing of a subject or need to repeat semester, and (b) Study or work gaps of more than six months. Explain why you need to have your visa extended with all supporting documents. And provide all proof of your employment with details about your job, designation, employer, salary and duration.

Things to remember before you write your SOP essay:

  • Must be written by the students themselves
  • Avoid plagiarism at all cost
  • Show good vocabulary and grammatical knowledge and understanding
  • Do not exaggerate, be real and be concise
  • Plan beforehand; it will help you execute your points better
  • Avoiding your weakness, low grades and other shortcomings is acceptable and advised.
  • Information in SOP should match the information in GTE section in the student visa application
  • Only mention information relevant to your purpose
  • Universities might ask you attested SOPs, depending on the purpose and policies

SOP essays are a reflection of you so you can see why it is essential in all your processing for abroad study. Hope the article helps you to clear your confusion, and make an informed decision.

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