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Malaysia is not just truly Asia, it’s truly International student friendly too. With the simplest immigration process for Nepalese students and the super cheap living costs, it’s no wonder 125k students from around the globe including Nepal, are studying here.

One of the many reasons why students from all over the world flock to Malaysia for higher level education is the high number of ISO certified colleges and universities with professors and lecturer that are a brand in themselves. As international students continue to choose Malaysia as their abroad study destination, the colleges and universities in Malaysia is offering varieties in their courses and programs. Also, pre-university programs are available for students who have completed IGSCE, O level or GED.

Students from over 160 countries are part of Malaysia’s quality education family as of 2018. In Malaysia students get to acquire the same degree that is offered in the host UK University at half the price as well as various other international degrees.

Malaysia is truly safe, comfortable and peaceful for students from all kinds of backgrounds.

As if these reasons weren’t enough, here are few more reasons why you should study in Malaysia.

Acquire UK degree in half the price

Malaysia has one of the most affordable tuition fees but high-quality education in Southeast Asia where students can acquire UK degree in half the price of the host university. Our represented SEGI University is one of the best higher education institutions in the country.

As Malaysian universities are getting better by the day, in Malaysia students get nothing but a top-notch education and a great living experience.

Affordable tuition fee and living costs

 Living costs in Malaysia is very affordable compared to other study abroad destination. Malaysia ranked 9th in United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) top countries in 2015-16 for tertiary education among the international students for a reason. The living costs are really low compared to other western countries with just about 1100 MYR a month.

Work part-time legally In Malaysia

International students can legally work and earn money during study breaks and holidays in Malaysia. Just finished the semester and already traveled to major tourist destinations? How about earning some buck during the study break? As its legal for students to work during study breaks and holidays.

Experience a new culture and their food

Malaysia is an amalgamation of people, religion and ethnicity. Malaysia has multi-ethnic culture and the food is an amalgamation of Chinese, Indian and Malay influences. Imagine the varieties you get! While in Malaysia you will never run of things to eat, for sure!

Travel to beautiful locations

Malaysia has numerous tourist locations, stunning landscapes. and natural wonders. Students can travel during weekends to beautiful destinations and that too in an affordable price. From Langkawi, Taman Negara to Cameron Highlands students can see and travel as much as their heart desires.

Studying in Malaysia is a whole package in itself, its universities and colleges are great, one of the best in South East Asia and the living cost is really low. Students can work part-time too, and work during study breaks and holidays allow students to live a comfortable yet affordable lifestyle.

In addition, Malaysia has a multi-ethnic culture and their food is a reflection of their diverse culture and people. International students can experience the Malaysian food and its diverse culture and travel to all the beautiful tourist destinations cheaply.

Applying for a student visa to study in Malaysia is truly hassle-free. Contact Accede Education for more information.

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