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The Kingdom of Thailand, the land of the beaches, islands, elephants and the smiles! The economic hub of Southeast Asia, populated with highly skilled manpower and a veritable mecca for technology startups.

However, there is more to Thailand than that meets the eyes. It’s more than just the world’s favorite vacation destination or investment market. Thailand is also morphing into a growing hub for high-quality international education.

For a student like you, finding and choosing a country that you will be spending the coming years in, studying and working by and for yourself, can be a daunting task. Especially with thousands of universities and programs to choose from all around the world, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Coming back to Thailand, with its top-notch universities and similar culture, Thailand is as good as it gets for a Nepalese student. Studying there will literally be the best investment of your time and money.

As if these reasons weren’t enough, here are some more reasons why studying in Thailand will be the best decision you will ever make.

Earn an International degree

It is common knowledge that Thailand is known for its world-class education system with some of the top universities of the globe headquartered here, including universities from the United States of America such as Webster University, Thailand. From the comfort of a South Asian culture, Nepalese Students get to earn an American degree which is highly revered back in their country.

 And for the budget conscious student, fear not, the living cost in Thailand is just $420 per month. It’s cheap by more than half compared to what Nepalese students spend while in the United States at $794 per month!

Affordable tuition fee with Scholarship opportunities

Thailand offers quality and accredited degrees with similar educational standard in almost quarter of the tuition fees as compared to many of the US and European Universities.

Earning an international degree can be costly but not with Accede’s help. Most students from Nepal have been securing well-deserved scholarships in Thailand minimizing student’s financial burden and the pressure that comes with it.

Experience the real work environment of a rising economic hub

Ranked as one of the easiest places to do business in Asia by World Bank, Thailand has over 60 industrial parks and numerous business startups. The well-defined policies and the support of the government agencies attracts foreign investors to flock to Thailand year after year, making it one the resilient economies in the South East Asia.

And if you are someone pursuing IT then you are guaranteed to thrive in Thailand as it has a growing need for skilled professionals in IT sector.  Colleges across Thailand aims to produce over 50,000 business technology students per year to meet the demands of the nation.

Whoever said it, said it true, that experience is the best teacher. Thailand has one of the strongest economies in Southeast Asia. It is a veritable mecca for technology startups, and students get to learn in well-developed infrastructure, gather experiences from its highly skilled workforce, intern and earn in a real work environment.

Secure a job after graduation

 Who doesn’t love a good deal?  Start earning right after your graduation as the employment rate is 98.57%! Students secure jobs in reputed companies’ right after they graduate and start earning well before they come back with an international degree and the money spent on that degree. Good returns on Investment

Study abroad opportunities

In Thai universities students get to be part of different study abroad opportunities and student exchange programs. In simpler words, Nepalese students can start their studies at one university like Webster University Thailand and study another year in another Webster University campus anywhere in the world!

Broaden your horizon in a safe environment

Education in Thailand is more than just about budget-friendliness or quality education. Staying in a new country, you can’t help but be influenced by their culture and tradition. Thai culture is famous around the world, both for their hospitality and cuisine! Thailand has a multi-ethnic culture, somewhat similar to what you have been experiencing here in Nepal. At the same time, it’s so different, and that’s what important about studying in a new country. It will help Nepalese students like you gain a new perspective in life.

After all, life is all about learning new things every day whether it be at the classroom or outside of it.

Studying in a new country, the main thing your parents worry about is your physical safety. Security is super-tight in and around the country, with crime-rates one of the lowest in Asia. And their deep-rooted habit of upholding traditional values like continuing social norms, respecting elders and rules means that along with being safe, you can also learn about a culture that is deeply more peaceful than the hustle and bustle of Nepal!

Learn a new language

There are over 100 international schools in Thailand offering higher education in English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Students that go for higher learning in Thailand return home not just with an international degree but a new language skill set to add in their resume. And trust me, learning a new language is never a bad investment.

Mini vacation every weekend

Tourists from all over the world flock to Thailand for the 2,000 miles of pristine coastline and its 8,000 islands. With luxurious white sand beaches, endearingly warm water and beautiful scenery, Nepalese students can take a break from studies and explore a new beach or a tourist destination every weekend while in Thailand.

Bring out the foodie in you

Another thing Thailand is undeniably famous for is the food. Try all the aromatic, spicy and tasty food items and of course all the possible seafood dishes hard to find back home in Nepal. While in Thailand give your taste buds and olfactory senses a gastronomic adventure.


Miss home? Want to come home over the weekend to eat all the yummy food cooked by your mother? Easy. Take a flight home. The plane ride from Thailand to Kathmandu is just 3 hours and 10 minutes. Wave goodbye to all the ‘aww I miss home lines’ from your vocabulary.

Uncomplicated Visa Processing

Getting a Student Visa to study in Thailand is hassle-free process and Nepalese students don’t need to go through countless steps to get the student visa and no need to present the bank statements or other hard to create documents.

So, what are you guys waiting for?

If we have written enough to convince you to choose Thailand as your next study abroad destination then feel free to contact us at Accede Education Network.

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