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The United States of America houses some of the best-known universities in the world. Their world-class education system, teaching, and research is second to none. They are known for their versatile education system and academic flexibility. Today, about 30% of all international students in the world including from Nepal are in the United States pursuing their higher education.

The USA stands as a leader at the forefront of development in technology, business, arts and beyond. The scholarships opportunities, academic excellence, cutting-edge technology and internship/ job opportunities for international students is what makes thousands of students to choose the USA as their abroad study destination year after year.

Along with technological advancement, its cultural imprint spans the world, with its music, movies, and television shows distributed worldwide. Another good reason that helps it adds itself to this list is the USA is a veritable mecca for international students willing to pursue higher studies in Science and Research.

Here are a few further reasons, why universities in the USA are the most sought after in the world:

Academic Brilliance

Home to Harvard, MIT and Yale, 16 out of top 20 colleges in the world are in the United States.  US education system is known for its specialized and practical curriculum. It has one of the best universities in the world like Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology with the finest programs in almost all of its disciplines.

At both the graduate as well as undergraduate level, there are multiple programs options in both conventional and professional field of study. Most students who go for a higher level of studies like Master’s and Ph.D., they get to work and learn from some of the finest researchers in the world. The certificates from American universities are recognised worldwide.


Apart from having one of the best institutions in the world, the US is known for its academic flexibility as well. Thanks to a large number of institutions, the US has colleges and programs for each and every type of student.

The US has over 4000 universities and colleges with diverse subjects to choose from. The US education system is the most unique and flexible in the world. There are campuses all around the US from cities to suburb for every kind of requirement of a student.

Career Opportunities

An international degree from reputed universities in the US opens up a wide range of career prospects for students. It broadens the scope of their career path as an American degree is respected worldwide.

Organizations seek American degree holders as a degree from reputed institutions like Alfred College of Technology (State University of New York), Marist College, Concordia University Chicago, Webster University, California State University Monterey Bay are valued as these universities and colleges produce one of the most qualified students in the world. So, studying in these colleges widens your career prospects even more.

Due to a specific focus on different subjects in these universities, the education received in the US broadens your chance to a brighter career path anywhere in the world.

Also, almost all the universities in the US has career service department staffed with professionals to help students with their CV, teaching job interview skills, helping them find job opportunities both during and after studies.

Research and Internship opportunities

US universities and colleges are a mecca for students who want to pursue a career in research and related field. The universities are known for groundbreaking research and discoveries. Most of US universities offer research opportunities to international students. Sometimes if you are a graduate student, you can assist professors with research on different projects which will give you an opportunity to work with the best and learn from the best at your chosen field of study.

Not just that, undergraduates and graduates get to intern at some of the best offices in the US.  Students studying STEM programs can even work after they graduate for few more years in the US.

Scholarship opportunities

 US colleges and universities provide a wide range of scholarship opportunities to international students if they meet and exceed the entry requirements during the admission intake from all around the globe including Nepal. The Scholarships in the US universities and colleges are given to a student based on their individual needs, educational cost and availability of funds at their department. Sometimes the students get scholarships as deductions in tuition fees, loans, grants or on-campus employment where International students can work in a job on campus up to 20 hours a week.

Diverse community

USA has to be one of the most diverse countries in the world with different cultures and ethnic groups on its soil. Like the land, classrooms in the US universities and colleges consist of students from different ages, religions, origin, and countries which allows students to learn in a rich and diverse environment. Which in turn, will help you get cross-cultural understandings of the world and expand your global network of contacts.

There are clubs and organizations in almost every college in the US, you can become a member or participate and allow interaction with students from around the globe.

So, if you are someone looking to study in the US from Nepal, but keep putting off until you find the perfect program and scholarship, feel free to drop us a line here at Accede.

We are big believers in pursuing passion and guiding students get what they have been planning on. If you want it badly enough, there’s always a way to get it done. The first rule is to take that first step.

So, come take your first step to your journey to studying in the US, contact us at Accede Education Center, one of the best consultancies in Nepal, for more details on scholarships, visas and more, because unless you take that first ever step, you might never discover what lies on the other side.

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