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If you are applying for further studies in Australia, you will be required to write a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement. GTE statements take major points as they are crucial for student visa approval in Australia. It is even more crucial for students from countries like Nepal and other developing countries.

GTE statements are addressed to the Australian Department of Home Affairs and work under the guidelines of the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2009. The statement needs to be factually correct and have genuine proofs to support your visa application. Applicants need to be direct, realistic and true about their intentions. Do not make false claims or plagiarize, else there will be a huge chance of rejection. A well-written GTE statement must include:

1. Current circumstances in your home country

A GTE statement needs to address your circumstances in your home country. Give your brief introduction in the first. Then portray a strong bond with your country, clarify the status of your family members including their residence (whether they are in a home country or abroad). Mention need or willingness to return to your home country with reasonable points.

2. Your choice of university or institution

If you are applying for a visa, you need to specify for what exactly. Explain the details of the university you are applying to and clarify your reasons. Give points to convince your interest in genuine and well-researched.

3. Choice of course or programs

Not just the university, you have to give reasons to convince that the subject you are pursuing serves your purpose, if the course matches your previous academic choices or not and more importantly the career pathway you wish to choose. So research and give proper reasons to convince that you are making an informed decision.

4. Why Australia?

This section demands a reasonable answer from you regarding your decision to study in Australia. So give plenty of reasons as to why you chose Australia to study instead of your own country or any other country for that matter. Provide points as to how Australia will help you in your academic and professional future. Talk about the education system and the benefits and how it will help you. And if you have any family members or relatives in Australia, mention that as well with details.

5. Immigration history

The section looks after all of the previous abroad visits if you have any. Give specific details about your visit, the reason behind it, your visa and your stay. Your immigration history will work as proof that you understand the visa specifications and conditions. Also, it will give a message that you will not overstay or misuse the visa if granted to you.

6. Financial support

This might be the most crucial point in your GTE statement. You have to mention and give enough proof to prove that you are capable of supporting yourself during your stay in Australia. You have to calculate the total living costs, tuition fees, travel costs, and others. If you have any sponsors or financial aid, mention that with enough evidence.

7. Attach specified documentary evidence

You can be perfect in your words but, it will all be in vain if you cannot produce enough proof to back them up. For GTE statement, you will need documents like:

  • All previous mark sheets or documents
  • Letters of Reference from teachers
  • Letters of Experience in the relevant field (if any)
  • University enrollment application form
  • Property ownership papers
  • Business ownership or partnership papers
  • Bank statements
  • Tax returns
  • Your return tickets to your home country

Also, if the applicant is under 18 years of age, his/her parents/guardians need to write intention papers.

Consider all the above-mentioned points and tips while writing your GTE statement. The key is to research well and approach with a genuine interest. Writing a GTE statement is not hard when you are prepared. Hope the article helped you clear your confusions and will be of help for your GTE statements. 

If you have confusion and need help with your GTE statement, contact Accede Education Center. We are always there to help you with processing for Australia and other countries. 

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